We continue to be the leader in the sector in the production of PVC sandwich panels and PVC decorative door panels with our Panadur brand, which operates within the scope of Soytaş Group. Our goal has always been superior quality production, with the use of quality raw materials, auxiliary materials and equipment.

Sandwich panel is the system that protects the structures from external factors and offers the most practical and economical solution for a strong stance. Sandwich panels are used as modern, light and durable structural elements, to cover the roofs and facades of buildings, to obtain insulated interior partitions or cold stores.

• Easy to install.
• High resistance
• It is possible to produce in desired color and pattern with laminated foil coating.
• It is easy to carry and transport due to its light weight.
• It has a long life due to its high UV resistance.
• It is strong in sound insulation and heat insulation.
• It is recyclable.

Our monthly production capacity in PVC sandwich panel is 250,000 m2. With our high production capacity, we can easily meet your demands and make production.

PVC Sandwich Panel and PVC Decorative Door Panel


PVC Decorative Door

PVC decorative door panels are produced according to the order among the models in the product catalogue. Doors are produced on the desired surface with quality raw materials and auxiliary materials. Our monthly production capacity of PVC decorative door panels is 25,000 pieces.
• Adds a stylish and aesthetic look to your doors
• High thermal insulation
• High sound insulation
• It resistant to water
• Has low thermal conductivity
• It has high impact resistance.
• It has high UV resistance.
• It is possible to use with PVC door frames. It cannot be used as a door on its own.